The team competes and fights every game

Wednesday, 1 March, 2017

Gayà, who has celebrated 100 games against Leganés on Tuesday, is grateful for the confidence placed in him and he hopes to "play many more" as a Valencian player he has completed one hundred games. “It is a very special day, I am very happy. I am always looking at the present but I hope to keep improving myself here. At my 21 to complete 100 games, makes me to have only words of gratitude to all who have trusted me. It does not have much relevance but I hope to play many more. A remarkable improvement is that the team is transmitting good sensations, defensively we are very well situated. In Mestalla we are better, the fans are very important for us. If the fans support us, it feels much easier. The football goal to zero is also important. We have not done it in all season. We are working very well during the trainings. The team competes and fights every game. How do you feel physically? I felt fine at previous game, they considered that I was not fit enough to play and I had to keep training to get better. The presence of players from the youth squad in the team, as I always say that the quarry is very important, Valencia FC has to give the change to its players because there are many people who are prepared and want an opportunity.