Soldado: " All that I have achieved throughout my career it is thanks to my personality"

Thursday, 1 August, 2019

Roberto Soldado is the great media attraction of this new Granada. At his 34, the Valencian striker has a new opportunity to shine in the Spanish league in the hands of the Andalusian team. He confessed to the official media during an interview that he feels a transformation once he’s playing, he is very superstitious and that he would have liked to take better care of himself in his youth.

In a friendly match against Real Jaén, we could see the first goal of a Roberto Soldado who has been very well received in the locker room: "I am happy about how they received me. These two weeks are allowing me to reach my teammates’ fitness level, who were a bit better trained. "

His career has led him to know other football like the English or the Turkish. Soldado lived two very different experiences both personally and professionally: "I have changed deeply my way of playing. There have been years in which by my style while playing I participated little in the game and I dedicated myself only to define. When I went to England, I thought that it was going to fit well and it wasn't like that, I had to change my way of playing. "

Quite the opposite of what happened to him at Fenerbahce where "everything was more chaotic, the way to play there is less as a teams and individualities shone. I have learnt about a country that has surprised me and a city that has made me fall in love with like Istanbul."

Maturity is a degree and in the case of Roberto Soldado, it has also helped him to change his eating habits: "I would have liked to take care of myself when I was young, the same way as I am taking care of myself now. I am sure that I would have made a better performance as a player. Nowadays I’m much aware of my diet, hydration ... Knowing oneself, identifying sensations in your body, helps you a lot more. When you're young, you don't care. "

If there is something that defines Diego Martínez's new nine is his strong character in the field that contrasts strongly with his character outside the field: "When it comes the time to compete, I transform myself completely, my way of being changes. I am very calm and familiar out of the football field, I like to be with my children and my wife. When I get to the field my character is completely different. If I have achieved all that I have achieved throughout my career it is thanks to my character ".