Pablo Fornals: A midfield man

Monday, 13 November, 2017

He began the season occupying the left wing of Villarreal, but with Javi Calleja’s arrival, Pablo Fornals was changed to his natural demarcation. the guy from Castellón left the offside to enter into the creation area, same place that occupies in the U-21 National Team. He’s grateful to Escribá because he counted on him from the beginning. In reference to his change of position, Fornals says: "I think that it is appreciated on television that I feel more comfortable inside, to face the opponent face to face and move. I feel more comfortable playing inside than outside. " The Villarreal aims to use the eleven for the appointment on Tuesday in Cartagena, something that is not easy taking into account the level of the Spanish football in this demarcation. "Spain has a great facility to get “trescuartistas” players, the kind of players who do not know if they are right or left back or midfielders and in this generation is not different." Dani Ceballos, who is the reference for all, Mikel Merino, who unfortunately is injured and therefore he couldn’t come, Fabián or Soler, who play offside. they could play in the position where, even though I'm not playing, I play better", says the international. Experience with the National Team Fully focused on the U21 generation where is one of the oldest, the player from Castellón is one of the players part of this team that has already played with the National Team, something about he has great memories. "I missed some of my colleagues, I wish I had trained with all the members, but the truth is that I trained among players that any guy would have enjoyed just only to watch them train, I was lucky to be able to make rounds and possessions with them. It was a dream come true, playing hard in my club I can go again, "he declares. Although he assures that it’s mandatory to go step by step and not thinking beyond the next game, there is no doubt that the European and the Olympic Games are exciting. "even though football is not the priority, to play a good role in the Games is a merit that one will always have. The parade, receiving a medal or listening to the Spanish anthem on the podium are unique moments and, fortunately, we have The opportunity to experience it. It is something that all generations will not have the opportunity to experience, "says Fornals.