Osasuna signs the 'desired' Ruben Garcia after paying Levante 3 million

Friday, 21 June, 2019
He was the most desired player by Arrasate, the sports management, the directors and the fans, who have not stopped showing their affection since the end of the season. And Osasuna has already achieved its most precious treasure this summer: Ruben Garcia will continue wearing the rojilla shirt, at least, during the next season. The red team will disburse three million euros for the player. Levante will receive 250,000 euros more for each year that Osasuna keeps its permanence in the next two campaigns.
Player 'franchise'
This is how the player is described in the official statement issued by Osasuna. Rubén García visited Pamplona last summer. He did it in a theoretical transfer but Levante reserved an option to recover him free of charge during this summer and the next. In practice, it was a temporary transfer. That is why both clubs have been forced to negotiate once again taking into account that the player himself wanted to stay in Pamplona, ​​where he played at his high level. Seven goals and eleven assists, the best of the entire category, sustain him. Vital in the magnificent season of Osasuna, there was unanimity around his signing. That is why the club has made a significant outlay.
Four years of contract

Rubén García and Osasuna will be linked until 2023. The club reported in its announcement that the player's clause is set at seven million euros and Levante revealed that it keeps some rights in case of a future transfer.. ...