Jaume Grau, a vallero who succeed in Real Madrid

Thursday, 24 May, 2018

Jaume Grau has finished the season in second B with his team, Real Madrid-Castilla, achieving some sensational numbers. He has played 35 games and 2,777 minutes, he has been a key man in the team and in the matches that fans have could watch on television.

…Jaume Grau, a midfielder born 21 years ago, started playing at the academy of Tavernes, then moved to Valencia and ended up at Real Madrid youth team last season, on loan at Navalcarnero, where he played 25 games in Segunda División B.

In this season that has just concluded, he has been consolidated under the orders of Solari, where he has been one of the leaders of the team because of his work and sacrifice in the midfield. The sports media of Madrid predict a hopeful future, where his profile is increasingly demanded by the highest level in the football scene for his sacrifice and good work in the defensive and offensive facets of the team, without forgetting his height that makes him dominate the aerial game. Jaume Grau has earned it, because after his transfer to Navalcarnero he returned to Real Madrid-Castilla with the idea of winning a place in the team. Against all odds, he became a benchmark and got a permanent position within the team, since his sacrifice in the midfield has served as a guide to the rest of his colleagues.

This trajectory means that many teams are interested in his transfer or signing. Now Jaume Grau has earned a well deserved vacation until next season, but the rest is relative because he will soon be seen in the municipal field exercising to stay in shape, as usual for when the official training begins.