Borja Iglesias becomes reserve team top scorrer

Saturday, 12 November, 2016

Borja Iglesias is already a legend in Celta. The forward from Santiago has become the top scorer in the history of the reserve team, beating Goran Maric thanks to two goals scored against Caudal de Mieres, a game in which Celta B was defeated by three goals to two, although Celta remains in the top of the classification.

The "9" of the reserve needed to score to match Maric, son of the mythical Zoran Maric, and 2 to overcome him, and Borja achieved it in the same game. Iglesias advanced Celta in the minute 9 of the match, and scored the second in stoppage time, with a penalty, although it was already quite late for his team, so his record will taste bittersweet.

With these two goals, Borja Iglesias raised to 53 the number of goals with Celta B, in 124 matches, stablishing a very interesting average of 0.43 goals per game. Maric needed 147 games to score his 52 goals, which gives him an average of 0.35. Other reserve players’ interesting avereges are from Oriol Riera, (0.31), Nacho Franco (0.35), Álex López (0,36), or Michu (0,36), and Hicham who accumulates 8 goals in 18 games (0.44).

Borja Iglesias has also improved his last season figures, when he scored 11 goals in 36 games, and he is just one goal away of the 13 goals he scored in his first year at Celta, with 35 games played. All that in just 17 matches, what confirms that this is his best year with the reserve Celtic shirt. About to become 24, Borja Iglesias has exploded as a great scorer, and the next step is to jump to a higher level, but before that happens, he will leave a historic number of goals in Celta B, which surely will not be overcome in many years